Process Improvement

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Process Improvement

Lean process improvement seeks to maximize internal and external customer satisfaction and minimize the unnecessary steps in a process.   

A process can cut across many teams and departments, which makes changing or improving that process seem unruly, complicated, and even impossible. We simplify improvement by focusing on purpose, process, and people.  

  • Purpose - Why is the process important? Who does the process serve? What are the intended outcomes or outputs? Are you currently achieving satisfactory results?

  • Process - What structures do you have in place to make sure that your process is adequate, flexible, and responsive to the needs of your business and your customers?

  • People - How are you positioning your team to care for and improve process overtime?  How are you ensuring that your process is producing the results that your customers desire?  

We believe by focusing on your key processes, including understanding and documenting them from front to back, creates the room you need to quickly identify opportunities for immediate improvement.  Let us do the heavy lifting (like documentation), so you can make and maintain changes that will produce even better results overtime.

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