• Elizabeth Warlick

Lifelong Learning Essentials

What is lifelong learning?

Lifelong learning is about the ongoing pursuit of education, information, skills and growth. This could be for personal or professional purposes and the common theme is the desire to be in the process of growing throughout your life. Learning can be informal, such as picking up a new hobby or skill. Learning can also be more formal, such as going to university or continuing education with an ultimate goal of getting a degree or certification.

What is your objective?

Regardless of why you may choose to pursue learning, remember that it's all about setting goals and achieving them. If we are not growing and evolving as people, as professionals, as individuals, then we are simply stagnate, static, dying creatures. Start a few simple steps to get you moving in the right direction:

  1. Choose a subject. This could be a soft skill or a technical area of personal or professional interest.

  2. Choose a format. Decide what options are available in your area, such as classes and seminars. Perhaps you plan to teach yourself. Look online to see if there is content or how-to videos that you can access for a low cost or no cost.

  3. Set a timeline. Have a deadline for when you'd like to complete your learning then you can set smaller, more incremental goals to get you on your way.

  4. Learn! Follow-through with your learning plan and goals that you've set for yourself. Find friends or peers to learn with. Celebrate your success and never stop learning!

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