Introductory Consultation

Achieve Your Goals

During the initial consultation we will discuss your goals and objectives.  Perhaps you have a specific solution or service that you need to implement.  We provide the guidance and support to you and your team to ensure that implementation is successful. 

Perhaps you have a pain point that your team needs to address or an organizational challenge that you'd like to have your leadership brainstorm around.  Maybe your company has a high-level vision that you'd like to make come to life with a detailed action plan and accountability.  We can help you define action, and identify the tools and resources you need to achieve your goals. 

At Elizabeth Warlick Consulting, we believe in dual benefit for our clients: we facilitate the achievement of your organizational goals and integrate these best practices into your team through experiential learning and practical application of the skills that we deploy while working your contract.  

Within 5 business days, we will return a plan of action and cost estimate to you.  We will tailor a solution to your timeline, budget, and business need.  

In a Meeting