Advocacy Strategy

Outcomes Focused

At Elizabeth Warlick Consulting, we firmly believe that public policy impacts the business environment.  Good policy makes for vibrant business and strong economy.  From policy research to contacting public representatives, we make it easy for your team to have an action plan and have an impact.  

We can assist in creating calls to action, gathering policy and legislative updates, and identifying other engagement points for your business.  

We assist you in finding your collective voice by framing up issues, crafting your message to policymakers, and mobilizing your team and stakeholders to influence the most favorable policy outcomes.  We can also educate your staff or your stakeholders in the issue or policy of your choice during a learning session.

By maintaining a strong relationship with the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce, the largest business advocacy organization in the Interior that represents over 750 members, we have direct access to the latest legislative updates, policy information, key policymakers and community influencers.

Election Campaign